Dance before the music is over

We love dancing

The reason we dance is because of our passion. It’s not about being the best, showing off or impressing someone. We genuinely want to share our passion for dance and show how fun it can be. Music has the power to captivate and to further guide the body to the beat or rhythm of the song. Music and dancing can have the same stimulation as a drug, it makes people happy, it makes them forget or accept other life problems, it boosts confidence, and so much more. However as opposed to drugs, it’s healthy for the body and mind. So, when you decide to give dancing a try in one of our classes, remember… it’s about having fun first!

Social Dancing

Aside from having fun, dancing can be the key to a broad platform of social networking. (Whether you’re a busy bee, socially advanced, a little shy dancing is a social activity and you will meet people). When you’re dancing, you want it to be with someone you know or someone you’re comfortable enough with to dance like you would at a party or concert. Some people even become close friends because of sharing the same passion for dance. Social dancing is very important, therefore we are working hard at getting our weekly social dance nights… stay tuned!

Dancing is for everybody

Aruba Dance Studios offers classes to children, adults, elders (50+), tourists and locals, as well as those with disabilities. We love to bring people together through dance. We are dedicated to bringing all people from all ages, orientations, circumstances together through our passion for dance.

Learn from professionals

Our instructors are all people sharing the same passion. Our team consists of experienced international salsa congress dance instructors and world champions, instructors who studied dance and performed internationally, and we have certified Zumba and yoga instructors.
The combination of all these top instructors under one roof is unique in the Caribbean and we have them all together right in ARUBA at Aruba Dance Studios!

Classes, Workouts and Workshops

We currently offer Salsa LA style, Salsa Mambo On2, Salsa Fusion, Salsa Footwork (shines), Bachata, Merengue, Kizomba, Tango dance classes, and Rueda de Casino dance classes. This past year we had International dancehall Queen Moiika providing a few workshops, more workshops will follow. This past month we introduced Afro Cuban, Afro Beat, Urban Dance workouts combined with abs and booty workouts to the music. With Zumba fitness, we use reggaeton and many other varieties of high energy Latin music. For children, we offer modern, hip hop, street dance, urban dance styles and salsa. Last but not least we also offer Folkloric dance classes.

Space Rental

If you are looking for an air-conditioned space for an event, training, workshop, classes. We have special and flexible rates for any budget.
The space is 240 m² / 2583 sqft. Ideal for private events. Dance group training, pageant training,  catwalk training, Workshops and more.

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